Activities in Vryburg

Situated on the N14, due west of the towns Orkney and Klerksdorp, the historical town of Vryburg has plenty to offer her visitors. Although there have been many modern architectural changes over the years, the history of Vryburg is still very much in evidence in the form of national monuments, which include an old stone church dating back to 1904 that was built by the London Missionary Station.

The town boasts two restaurants, a golf course, a shopping mall just a short drive away in Taung, and is host to an agricultural show that takes place every year.

Other things to see and do around Vryburg:


Just a few kilometres away from Vryburg is the Taung Dam, a gravity dam built in 1993. The dam gets its name from the world-famous Taung Skull World Heritage Site, a great ancient, prehistoric site to experience and explore.

Apart from the fishing that is enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike, Taung Dam is also the perfect setting for spending time outdoors with family and friends. There are long walks for adults and children to enjoy, bird watching, and fantastic natural photography, for those who like to shoot from the lens of a camera.


Dedicated to celebrating and educating visitors as to the arts, sports, and heritage of the area, the modern Mmabana Cultural Centre is visited by many tourists each year. Local work such as quilting, beading, sculpture, beading, and pottery can be seen here, as well as the music, dance, and sport of the communities of the surrounding areas. The aim of this non-profit organisation is for the upliftment and development of the local people.


Situated close to the town of Vryburg is the Leon Taljaard Nature Reserve, which has a lot to offer nature lovers. Eland, white rhino, black and blue wildebeest, buffalo, Burchell’s as well as mountain zebra, springbuck, and waterbuck call the reserve home, and about 110 different species of bird life. Ideal for enjoying family picnics and game-spotting, the reserve also offers a 32 km two-day hiking experience, where visitors can overnight in rustic huts. Leon Taljaard Reserve also houses a small museum, as well as a commemorative plaque of prisoners who were executed here during the Boer War.


Located north of Vryburg is the Molopo Game Reserve, a gem of a holiday destination that not many people know about. The reserve is home to an abundance of gemsbok, wildebeest, red hartebeest, eland, zebra, kudu, springbok, waterbuck, warthog, and duiker. Predators such as hyena, cheetah, African wildcat, caracal, black-backed jackal, and honey badger are also found here. Also to see in the reserve is an enormous variety of bird life. The reserve, with its gently sloping Kalahari dunes, dotted here and there with bushman grass, is an absolutely stunning holiday destination.